Auto Coach

Auto Coach

What is WML AI?

This is an automated tool to help you to construct your thinking. It leverages off well understood coaching techniques to help you design well formed outcomes based on the inputs that you provide.

What are the limitations of using WML AI?

This is a model designed using artificial intelligence. Whilst this technology is getting cleverer and better – it is no match currently for working directly with a trained coach. 

By working with WML AI, you accept these limitations as no liability can be accepted for the tools outcomes as it is driven by your inputs.

What happens with the data?

Your data is important to us, so we will look after this in a confidential manner and in line with our privacy policy. On completion of a coaching round with WML AI, you will be sent an acknowledgement with the data that you have shared. We will retain this information on our system for 12 months.

How can I get face to face coaching?

There are several ways that you can get access to face to face (or virtual) coaching. This personal approach can deliver stepwise changes in thinking and outcomes. 

Check out our Leadership Coaching page for more information.