3 Free Micro-habits to power your relationship.

The first 2 weeks of this mini blog series have been focused on creating a productivity and wellbeing based micro-habit. This week, we will take a short look at three micro-habits that might help your relationships. These could be on a personal level, or a professional level and do take some energy to make them. However, just being consciously aware of them, can help you break the normal pattern and introduce your relationships to a new level.

Relationship habit 1 – listen – I mean really listen.

When was the last time you gave someone a really good listening too? Thought so!

It is a real gift that we can give to someone – a segment of time that they can be listened to not just with the ears but with the eyes too. Use silence to help, and despite wanting to fill that silent gap – refrain. Let the other person pause and control the space. You may feel the need to engage in a response, but again – add a hesitation. This active listening allows the other person to feel your presence and enjoy even more the space that you are giving them.

Relationship habit 2 – give yourself some love.

Last week, we introduced the gratitude journal. We often forget that we should also be grateful for our gifts too. We should recognise and we should celebrate who we are. Recognise who you are and treat yourself by going for a walk in nature, have a chill and Netflix weekend or treat yourself to a day spa.

Relationship habit 3 – Be polite

You’re never too busy and important to forget your manners! Say thank you to the coffee barrista and the bus driver, and to the person who picks up your stuff from the print room. Say good morning and good night to your colleagues.

Remember to say thank you not just to the person holding the door or the elevator for you. Show your partner and your kids that you appreciate them.

Next week is our final week of this mini series of top tips to form small micro habits. We will be exploring how you can create micro-habits in your community. Think – when was the last time you did your neighbours trash…..

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