Online Coaching – more than just a simple conversation!

Online coaching makes use of technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to name a few. The technology was accelerated due to the pandemic where large numbers of non-critical workers were ordered to work from home.

The benefit of this accelerated adoption of technology now means that it is ubiquitous with home working and driving efficiencies. Meetings driven by these online tools have focused on business outcomes and as an effect, we have seen the small talk often associated with business growth and innovation diminish.

In the space of a few days, like many, we saw our coaching move from a predominantly face to face arrangement to online as we all tried to make sense of the fundamental shifts in the way we do work. We quickly grasped the technology and updated our home office with many now considering high-quality webcams, lights and microphones as this tech became the norm.

As a coach, we do notice limitations – the detached nature of ‘zooming’ meant sometimes visual somatics were missed or misinterpreted but we are now better. Some clients use online platforms for voice, video and now for sharing of cocreations. Using this technology, we no longer have lengthy commutes and to be honest, the coaching is good offering a great experience for the client. We find that clients can be anywhere where there is good mobile coverage as a minimum.

From a housekeeping perspective, we need to think about the environment that we are working in. This is why we take some time to onboard our online coaching clients ensuring that firstly their confidentiality is protected but secondly we get the tech to work.

Online coaching has therefore become a very successful method for delivering a high level of financial and personal return. But remember, we do need to keep in focus what coaching is as the same guidance exists for online coaching as it does for any other method of coaching?

We have also seen an increase in the number of online coaching platforms offering an all-in-one experience center for coaches and their clients. Although we are not opposed to these, when we are working with established technology, such as those mentioned above, and email – we find that the focus is left on the coaching session and not the technology.

You may be asking – How do I start online coaching?

Quite simply – get in touch and we can have a chat about what you are wanting to achieve. Whilst online coaching can be highly effective, there are also other methods to consider.

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