Virtual Reality Coaching (VRC)

New technology is starting to excite the training space.

Will this transition into virtual reality coaching – we think so. This is why we are including virtual reality (VR) as a delivery capability in our coaching options.

Although in its infancy, some specific training benefits are being achieved.

40% of the v-learners saw an improvement in confidence compared to classroom learners and 35% improvement over e-learners to act on what they learned after training in VR


Although the research from PWC is offered at training, we can extrapolate some of these benefits into virtual reality coaching. The use of virtual reality coaching (VRC – first use timestamped at 17/01/2023) is a demonstration of technology progression.

There are currently trade-offs that I know some coaches are concerned about.

  • As the system is Avatar based, you currently cannot see facial expressions, or tonal changes when asking a question.
  • Ideally, to fully experience a virtual reality coaching session, you need the kit. There are many choices of VR headsets to choose from and at this time, choosing the best VR could be difficult. However, with an estimated 82 million virtual reality headsets in use in 2020 alone and with companies investing more than ever into VR Workplace training, we can see a bright future for the use of VR in workplace training. (Source : ImmersionVR). My approach would be to invest in a simple device, such as the Meta Quest range (currently quest 2 and quest pro) to give this a chance.

I am left asking the question – Is virtual coaching effective? In my view – yes.

At its simplest, virtual reality coaching allows a one-to-one conversation between geographically different coaches and clients in a space that is together. The environment invites a tactile feel to the meetings – creating inputs on whiteboards and virtual post-it notes. Just as in Phone Coaching, we expect that there is a shift in the use of our senses. There could be an argument that the use of virtual reality in coaching will enable greater focus on our visual stimuli.

At its most complex – as in the clip below, virtual reality coaching invites you to a significant online meeting with several breakout areas that can then promote further discussion and exploration.

There is certainly something about meeting in a space that is not the ‘office’.

This is where Virtual Reality coaching comes into its own. At a click of a button, the environment can be moved from a conventional office environment to a mountainscape or spacecraft. This release encourages a coachee to be able to detach from the challenges that they face in the real world and work on the challenge in a 3rd party way – leading to breakthroughs and benefits

Even as a business owner, I have created a virtual reality strategy studio with thinking rooms to collect my focused strategic intent. A significant step forward when considering some of the static 2D mindmaps that we work with.

The use of virtual reality coaching is a demonstration of technology progression and why we are pleased to be able to offer a virtual reality coach service.

Some of how we work does not change. We still operate with confidentiality at the heart of what we do, we still are client focussed, but also have an increased awareness about the alternative states our clients can turn up.

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