What is Executive Coaching

At its base level, the fundamentals of coaching benefit exist within Executive Coaching. We often find our clients benefit from

  • An increase in awareness not just of yourself but also of the people around you. We find that this can be assisted through a suite of tools and models with the interpretation of these being key to grow a solid understanding.
  • An increased understanding of your strengths. Some coaches will work with you on maximising your strengths and minimising the impact of your weaknesses. Our approach is to help you build an appropriate strategy that resonates and builds benefits for you and your wider system (organisation, work and life space as examples).

Built on an increase in awareness, we sometimes find that clients want to adapt their responses to different situations. Admittedly, this can initially be difficult, but with the right coach, it can lead to impressive step change and performance breakthrough even for the higher performers.

  • A renewal of skills. We often find that we work with clients on work-life balances, effective delegation and time management issue. The latter is especially interesting and often dipso into understanding how you can work more effectively with your personal assistant (or virtual)

What we experience as the ‘extra’ that makes executive coaching even more effective for our clients is the dipping into strategic vision, presence and personal growth.

  • Strategy is a big, and often overused word. In our definition it is about defining what the future direction is for the business or business unit, building the milestones, coaxing support and delivering against a crafted communication plan.
  • Presence is a balance of how you turn up as a leader, your communication style, inclusivity, confidence and pizazz. It is the ‘fizz’ that adds to the experience of your presence. It is a blend of emotional intelligence, your uniqueness and personality.
  • Personal Growth is about honing the strengths and drawing all the ‘business’ coaching discoveries into defining the future for self. Sometimes, the realisation of this is transformational but also can involve facing up to some demons.

We often get asked – will you hold me to account. If required – then yes. But leadership and executive function is a constantly moving place – ambiguity and uncertainty are on the increase due to the complexity extended to us by COVID 19. As the demands swirl and ebb along the river of life, so too does the immediacy of core decisions and actions. Executive Coaching is organic and travels along this river with you. It allows for calmness as well as the rapids that are sometimes seen and sometimes invisible.

To help engage with and start the journey for executive coaching, we have crafted an onboarding process. This is critical in establishing an understanding of the contract between us. This contract covers areas such as

  • Why the coaching has been commissioned. This is an exploration of understanding what will make the outcomes the best value that they can be for the client. The Return on Investment question does get asked sometimes – and it may be something that is on your mind. Typically, for every £ invested in executive coaching, you would see a £4-£8 return.
  • What confidentialities mean in terms of the contracting parties
  • What the coaching looks like in terms of delivery, financial agreement and payment terms
  • Who else is involved in a coaching assignment as a stakeholder? Quite a lot of our coaching does not involve a third party organisational stakeholder apart from perhaps a finance or organisational development HR person.

What next?

Check out Simons availability in the first instance for a quick chat through about what you are wanting to achieve.