11 key workout exercises to help improve your health

We can never deny the benefits of daily working out. In this article, we will focus on some of the best workout tips, including the list of exercises that you can perform daily that have a significant impact on our health.

We know that we should exercise regularly. Regular exercising helps in maintaining your health and physical fitness. We do exercise due to various reasons. For some of us, it can be as simple as weight loss, whilst for others it could be muscle development, prevention of aging, improving strength, improving health, and the maintenance of body and health.

Workout or exercise is essential for the good health and physical fitness of all of us. It’s better to do exercise daily even if you can do very little than doing nothing at all. You do not need a gym either – some of us just use this as an excuse not to exercise, but we can complete these exercises at home with a slight adjustment.

There are three categories of physical exercise that people must focus on to get their desired outcomes:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Anaerobic exercise
  • Flexibility exercise

Aerobic exercise

The aim of performing this exercise is to remain fit for a longer time. It involves several muscles of the body and uses more oxygen during a workout than a body needs. It includes running, swimming, cycling, hiking, walking, dancing, using a skipping rope, or playing tennis.

Anaerobic exercise

The reason for performing this exercise is to firm and strengthen muscles. It includes pushups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges. Some of these are core exercises that help us to build on our core strength.

Flexibility exercise

The reason for performing this exercise is to stretch muscles and improve joints flexibility. It helps in reducing the chance of injury.

Benefits of physical workout/exercise

Workouts help in maintaining a fit body and healthy weight along with a healthy digestive system. There are many benefits associated with working out:

  • Healthy weight
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Strengthening bones
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Strengthening the immune system, etc.

The latest research tells us that doing exercise regularly will increase your life span with an improvement in the quality of your life and prevents aging and many diseases.

If you want to perform the exercise with the help of equipment, then buy that equipment that suits your budget and is helpful for the type of tasks that you want to accomplish. You can create a mini-gym at your home if you have many types of equipment, but if you wish to only some limited ones, then go for an exercise mat and dumbbells.

List of exercises that have a positive impact on physical and mental health

Following is a list of workouts that are best for anyone at any age (but please do check in with your doctor just to make sure they are useful to you):


Burpees are a type of workout that is very beneficial for general health. People can easily perform this exercise at their home. For performing perfect burpees, one should start with knees bent, back straight, and feet apart. After you are in this position, the next step is to lower your hands to the floor and kick your feet back on the floor so that your actual position is like a pushup position. Any age group of people should do this exercise daily to keep a healthy metabolism because mostly we start suffering from weak metabolism at a later age.


Another type of very beneficial workout is squats. It is a position that you can achieve by bending your knees, keeping your back straight, and bring your arms in front of you. Everyone should do this regularly to keep your back healthy. It is very healthy and easy to do exercise. One should stand straight and then come to this position for performing squats. The most important thing about doing regular squats is, it will improve the flexibility of your body even at a later age.


Usually, at a later age, we are most prone to back pain. The reason can be different for everyone. Planks are a type of workout that is very effective in reducing back pain. You can achieve the position by lying in the way that your face is downwards; legs are close to each other, and arms are in front of you, then put all of your body weight on your arms and try to get up while keeping the knees straight and feet combined.

Use dumbbells

People usually relate dumbbells with a gym workout—however, it’s not the case. Dumbbells are workout equipment that one can use in multiple workouts. They are easy to handle and can help in achieving stronger muscles. There is a huge variety of dumbbells available in the market, but one should start with getting the one with less weight and small size. They can use dumbbells to build the muscles of their shoulders and chest. Also, they can use them to keep their arms strong and for a firm back.

Glute bridge

Glutes are body particles that help in digesting food and burning calories. At a later age, usually, we don’t do a lot of work, and due to long periods of sitting, their body glutes are deactivated. It is the reason behind the overweight of many people at this age. A workout named glute bridge is responsible for activating the glutes in our body, and it will open up the tightness that we have in our body due to long sitting hours. For obtaining the perfect position, the person should lie down straight on the earth and bend his knees while keeping the arms straight. By remaining in this position, he should lift his body from the hips and remain in this position for as long as he can.

Y-TO-T raises

Skeletal muscles in the human body are responsible for a straight back and straight shoulders. The majority of men are affected by a disease that is responsible for the loss of their body muscles. Y-TO-T is a workout that has three different poses of the human body. We should try this workout to keep our muscles strong and to save themselves from hunched back and shoulders. One can obtain this position by standing straight, holding dumbbells, then first he should bend by keeping his arms in a downward direction. In the second position, he should lift his arms straight to the head, and in the third position, he should spread his arms away from his body.

Use elliptical machine

We can save ourselves from the risks of cardio issues at a later age with the help of a healthy workout routine. An elliptical machine is a workout tool that looks like a bicycle. We should use this tool daily or at least five days a week to prevent us from cardiovascular diseases. The elliptical machine is just like a bicycle without a seat. It means you have to hold the handle to stand and then use pedals and do the same as we do for riding a bicycle.

Yoga poses

There are much Yoga poses that we should adopt as a daily workout routine. The reason for performing these poses is to reduce stress and anxiety. Our immune system in our bodies is responsible for keeping us healthy, and it is the only reason that we easily get recovered from different diseases. However, men take more stress than women, and it affects their immune system in the worst way. Therefore, Yoga can help them with all these issues.

Walking and jogging

Walking and jogging is your best friend when you don’t want to do any other type of workout. We should walk or jog daily to keep us healthy and fresh. The outdoor atmosphere and fresh air are very good for us. They help in maintaining healthy lungs and a healthy body. If you are the person who doesn’t want to do any other type of workout, then you should make a routine of walking or jogging to keep yourself healthy.

Shoulder press

The shoulder press is the best type of workout for any age group because it will give strength to the shoulders. Any person can do this easily. You need to sit straight with back support and hold dumbbells in both hands to achieve the position. After that, you have to move your arms up and down, and you should keep your feet firmly on the ground.


Due to many factors, people at a later age are more prone to obesity, and they have fat on their stomach. Lunges are a great workout example for this issue. They will help in balancing a body, and they will fight against the fat on your stomach. We should do this workout every day to keep us healthy and strong. One can achieve this position by bending one leg in front of him and then lowering the other at the back of the body and keep on lowering until he reached closest to the surface of the floor.

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