Using creative thinking to solve problems

Entrepreneurs and business leaders face problems every day in the world of business. Often, you may be faced with issues that can’t be solved by using traditional methods, meaning you need to think outside of the box. Thinking creatively is a great way to find new solutions to problems that may leave you stumped.

What is creative problem-solving?

Creative problem solving involves approaching a problem in an unconventional and innovative way. The process allows you to use creative ways of thinking to find a solution to the problem more quickly, with a better outcome.

How do I solve a problem with creative thinking?

To solve a problem using this technique, firstly identify the goal and fully understand the problem in front of you. Gather all the data you can about the problem, such as who does it affect, and who is involved in fixing the issues? Next, you need to turn the problem into a question, wording it in a way which encourages new ideas.

Start brainstorming ideas for solving the problem, allowing your creativity to flow. Then select the very best ideas, thinking about if you can implement them successfully. When you have chosen a solution, create an action plan outlining the steps you will take.

Creative thinking techniques

There are some great creative thinking techniques that you can employ to help with this process:

  • Mind mapping is a technique which can help you to organise these ideas, representing them in a logical manner
  • Seeking wisdom is another way to solve a problem creatively. Asking an experienced advisor from outside your industry could generate new perspectives
  • De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a tool which allows you to look at six different perspectives when solving a problem
  • If you’re really struggling with a problem, try reversing it. This encourages you to look at the problem from a new perspective which can encourage creativity.

Ultimately, it is important for every business leader to use creative thinking and problem-solving techniques when traditional methods are not working. It can even help you to find a better solution to any problem.

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