Why everyone should strive to be a creative thinker.

Whether you’re a business leader or a budding entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’re faced with competition from all directions. It could be from your peers, superiors, or your own internal goals, drivers and expectations. Whatever it is, it’s no longer simply enough to just turn up at work.

You have to think outside the box, provide solutions that are innovative and quick; to thrive, you have to strive for exceptionalism. To do this, you must be a creative thinker.

What defines a creative thinker?

Creative thinking is the ability to think laterally, to perceive unconscious patterns in your workload that allow you to approach the work from new angles. Creative thinkers possess traits such as curiosity, honesty, ambition, and integrity – all of which also make excellent qualities for leaders too.

What are the benefits of thinking creatively?

Being a creative thinker opens up many doors for you. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect the reap when you sow the seeds of becoming a creative thinker:

Better teamwork

Thinking creatively inspires those around you to do the same. It becomes a team-bonding experience, wherein you abandon the fear of judgement letting ideas flow with encouragement and freedom. The results in a more tight-knit team of colleagues that are more aligned and responsive to each other’s ideas.

Better problem-solving

Without creative thinking, we’d all be stuck to the same ideas and be working with the same concepts. Sadly, many of today’s problems don’t fit within the same restraints, meaning we’ll get stuck when it comes to finding a solution. Creative thinking opens up the opportunity to find a new solution, meaning you’ll be more efficient at solving problems and thinking for yourself.

Improved staff morale and diversity

Sitting at a desk all day with head down looking at the same document is not good for morale. By encouraging your employees or colleagues to join you in brainstorming ideas, creating new resources to be shared with everyone, or even creating a game that will help you remember clients, techniques and new thinking will ensure staff morale is kept high. Actual engagement within the team improves as the team become more collaborative with one another.

How Wheresmylunch can help

Here at Wheresmylunch, we work with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them improve their workplace performance, innovation, and creativity. We offer virtual coaching for those that recognise they need a change of pace in their environment or those that feel they’ve stagnated in their current career progression.

Sound like you? Then get in touch with a member of our expert team today and begin your journey to a new creative mindset.

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