A simple goal setting tool that could change your week

In Simon Hague’s debut live session across various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, he warmly welcomed his audience to a short yet insightful segment, aimed at setting the tone for their week. Emphasizing the power of planning and scheduling, Simon highlighted the critical role these practices play in transforming aspirations into achievements, a concept widely supported by literature in the field.

Simon gave a nod to Gillian Whitney, whose engagement in an #upliftlive24 session the previous week inspired him to advocate for the utilization of LinkedIn Live as a dynamic tool for growth and connection. This acknowledgment served as a call to action for his viewers to explore the potential of live broadcasts in their own professional journeys.

The core of Simon’s discussion was a simple, effective strategy for organizing weekly goals. Utilizing just a piece of A4 paper and a selection of pens, with a particular shout-out to a vibrant red Newland pen, he demonstrated a methodical approach to goal setting. This plan involved dividing the week into manageable tasks—limiting the focus to three main objectives to prevent overextension—outlined in a clear, structured format that included a special column for notes.

Through a practical example, Simon illustrated setting a target to boost social media engagement by acquiring 25 new followers by the first week of April. He broke down this goal into daily actionable steps, ensuring clarity and progress. Moreover, Simon personalized his approach by recommending daily themes that align with the professional and personal pace of life, showcasing how consistency in themed content can effectively engage and expand one’s audience.

In addition to strategic planning, Simon shared the joy and efficacy of using Post-it notes to visually track daily goals. He described the satisfaction derived from physically removing them upon completion as a motivational technique, underlining the tactile aspect of achieving goals.

Wrapping up his session, Simon introduced the “seven-minute coach” concept, an initiative promising to deliver activities designed to enhance focus and success within a mere seven minutes each morning. This initiative is in harmony with Simon’s brand philosophy, which champions the empowerment of individuals to enact significant changes in digestible increments.

Through this presentation, Simon Hague did not just offer practical guidance; he created a nurturing space that echoed his brand’s values of warmth, wisdom, and inclusivity. By making complex planning strategies accessible and engaging, Simon invited his audience into a supportive community, committed to shared growth and learning.

If you would like to download a ready made template and give this a go yourself – check out here

In summary, this session explored.

  1. The Importance of Planning: The speaker underlines the critical role of having a plan for the week to ensure tasks and goals are achieved. This approach is grounded in the belief that scheduling and planning increase the likelihood of task completion.
  2. Simple Tools for Effective Planning: A practical method is introduced using readily available items: a sheet of A4 paper and pens. This approach demonstrates that effective planning does not require sophisticated tools.
  3. Breaking Down Goals into Daily Tasks: The strategy involves identifying main goals for the week and breaking them down into daily tasks. This helps in maintaining focus and ensuring steady progress towards the week’s objectives.
  4. Manageable Goal Setting: By focusing on a manageable number of main goals (three in the example given), the speaker suggests that this helps prevent being overwhelmed and increases the chances of achievement.
  5. Daily and Weekly Progress Tracking: The method encourages tracking progress on a daily basis against weekly goals, using the example of increasing social media followers to illustrate how to set and measure progress towards a specific target.
  6. Themed Content for Engagement: The speaker shares a personal strategy for engaging audiences on social media, suggesting different themes for content on different days of the week to keep the audience engaged and interested.
  7. Visual Reminders for Task Completion: The use of Post-it notes as visual reminders for daily tasks is recommended, providing a satisfying way to acknowledge task completion by removing the note.
  8. The Concept of the “Seven-Minute Coach”: The session introduces the “seven-minute coach” as a brand focused on starting the day with a short, focused activity to enhance focus and success.
  9. Encouragement to Participate in Live Sessions: A call to action encourages viewers to engage in live sessions on platforms like LinkedIn, demonstrating the session’s purpose as not only educational but also motivational.

Enjoy the short clip that runs about 8min30 at normal speed.

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