What is Team Coaching and How to Get Started?

What is Team Coaching?

Team coaching is a way to support individuals and groups in understanding and addressing the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

It’s about helping teams to realise their strengths, nurture them and use them in order to achieve their goals. Team coaching can be used at any point in an organisation, from junior management level through middle management upwards. The benefits of team coaching are that it creates a space for you as an individual or group member to have time out from the pressures of everyday life. This enables you to gain clarity around what it is that you need from yourself and others in order to succeed at work (and beyond).

Team coaching offers a culture which is conducive to achieving goals and objectives.

Team coaching is a process that helps individuals to develop as a team, rather than individually. It is used in the workplace and provides an environment where people can improve their performance and relationships through the use of tools and techniques such as feedback, goal setting, planning and support. Team coaching helps to build confidence within teams by providing an opportunity for each member to have their voice heard as well as allowing them time to reflect on how they can improve their own performance or that of others.

Team coaching sessions are confidential conversations between you (the client) and your coach – so no one else needs ever know what we talk about!

Team coaching encourages teams to learn.

Working with a team coach, the group will learn how to use their strengths, individually and collectively, to support the success of the organisation.

Team coaching can be used to develop high performing successful teams in any organisation

Team coaching can be used to develop high performing successful teams in any organisation. A team coach will help you and your team to:

  • Develop a shared understanding of the purpose, goals and values of the team.
  • Develop a shared understanding of how they work together.
  • Develop a shared understanding of how they can improve their performance

Team coaching provides a confidential space.

Team coaching provides a confidential space for individuals and groups to gain clarity, realise insight, and challenge individual contributions to the whole. In this way it facilitates group dynamics that are positive, constructive and supportive in their nature.

Team coaching helps individual members to understand their part in the team dynamic and how they can contribute more effectively by understanding themselves better. It also helps those involved in the process of change to understand why they are struggling with change or feeling unconfident about making progress or taking responsibility for their actions.

What about Boards, Trustees and Non-Executive Directors (NED)

The processes of team coaching work well with all teams that are working towards a common purpose or objective. The tensions are slightly different on an executive board,in that members have specific responsibilities for the running of their directorate, but as a collective – they have a shared responsibility for the running of the business. So Board coaching, Trustee coaching or Non-Executive Director (NED) coaching offers an opportunity for a group dynamic to facilitate individual development.

The coach will be the facilitator of the group process and also be an advisor to each individual on how they can best contribute within that context.

This approach has the potential to be transformative for both individuals and teams as it provides:

  • A safe place where direct feedback is given in a confidential manner;
  • Clarity on how you are perceived by others;
  • Strategies to enhance your leadership style;
  • Opportunities to develop interpersonal skills;
  • Tools for self-development as well as interpersonal relationships within your organisation

In conclusion, team coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to grow and develop in their role. It also creates a space where groups can work together more effectively to reach shared goals and objectives. In summary, team coaching offers a confidential space for individuals or groups to realise insight and challenge individual contributions to the whole.

How to get started?

All coaching assignments are different and so Check out Simons availability in the first instance for a quick chat about what you are wanting to achieve. There are several different team coaching models that can be used so getting the right ones is critical.

Starting coaching is as simple as that.